Bring your vision to light

NOVA Tremblant creates a premium lifestyle rooted in architecture and nature. Each semi-custom home begins with NOVA’s unique architectural signature which can be personalized following the architectural criteria for the project myriad possible upgrades of the owner’s vision. 

The natural landscape of the NOVA Tremblant land will be transformed with respect for the natural surrounding environment. As the 8 refined homes will be nestled in the heart of Mont-Tremblant and on the shore of a prestigious lake, the vision is to create a cohesive whole that reflects the environment and the owner’s ideals.

APPAREIL Architecture's sustainability signature

APPAREIL conceives an architecture well rooted in their nordic culture where each element returns to its essence. Architectural firm based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), APPAREIL’s projects illustrate their commitment to finding a balance between tradition and modernity, all whilst designing quality residential and commercial environments.